Our history

In 2019, BF Insurance and L. Melkonian combined forces to create LMBF. Our vision of innovation, trust and respect guides and motivate us to continue to grow by providing insurance, prevention solutions and advice that best meet the needs of our customers. We set ourselves apart from our competitors thanks to the excellence of our brokers, our continuous quest for innovation and our customer centric approach. We are independent brokers hired by you to negotiate with insurers to get the best suited products at the best possible rate.

As an employer

We are focused on building a truly inclusive workplace. Our people are our most important asset, so we have created an environment where creativity, inclusion and innovation have a real impact. LMBF is amongst the top 30 brokers in Quebec and we strive to be an employer of choice. Since the day LMBF opened its doors, we’ve been a team of people who risk, learn, and grow together in the name of progress.

Core values

Our core values build the foundation that drives every decision we make and influences how we treat each other our customers. These are words we live by.


We worship honesty and adhere to high ethical standards. It is the hallmark of our company as we demonstrate sound moral, acting with honor and truthfulness at work.

Commitment to customers

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customer's lives and go above and beyond to find solutions. We strongly believe that if we focus on our customers all else will follow.


We have a flair for entrepreneurship and a desire to take considered risks and show commitment. We are naturally linked to a firm determination and a soul of competitiveness.