Request a quote from your LMBF Insurance broker for your automobile. With LMBF Insurance, you will benefit from the best price from a wide range of insurers and the exceptional service of insurance professionals. Choose quality auto insurance protection at a very affordable price according to your needs.

We are an independent brokererage firm and represent several insurance companies, who can meet your auto insurance needs. Insuring your vehicle is mandatory in Quebec, but that does not mean that your insurance policy cannot be adapted to your specific circumstances and budget.

Your expert LMBF advisor will be able to guide you in choosing your car insurance. In addition, he or she will ensure that all the discounts to which you are entitled are included in your insurance policy. Do not forget to ask for the additional discount when combining your housing contract with your other automobiles or recreational vehicles.


In addition to the statutory basic protection in Quebec, which is related to the Civil Liability (Section A), we offer coverage for collision (Chapter B2) and protection for accident without collision or payment (Chapter B3) (ex. fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage…). Added to this are our optional warranties:

  • Q.E.F. 20a: Extended warranty – Loss of use available
  • Q.E.F. 27: Civil liability for damage to vehicles not owned by the insured
  • Q.E.F. 34: Accident benefits
  • Q.E.F. 43A and Q.E.F. 43E: Indemnification without depreciation for partial and total loss available (Replacement cost)

Problems finding insurance?

Do not let a criminal record, a cancellation for non-payment, a certain frequency of accidents, a license suspension or a non-standard creditor prevent you from obtaining an insurance coverage. LMBF has the solution you need and offers very advantageous payment terms.