Health and Disability Insurance offers protection against the financial impact of an illness or accident. Four product categories are available depending on your needs and priorities.

Disability (salary)

Face your financial obligations if you cannot work due to an accident or illness.

Ideal if you:

  • Do not hold group insurance.
  • You are in the business and have associates.
  • You are self-employed.

Critical illness

Critical illness insurance allows you to focus on your recovery and avoid financial stress related to a serious illness like cancer or a stroke (CVA).

It meets your needs if you want to protect yourself and your family from the financial consequences of a serious illness.

Long term care

The long-term care insurance allows avoiding becoming a burden to your loved ones if you ever lose your independence because of an accident or an illness such as cancer, stroke (CVA) or Alzheimer disease.

It meets your needs if

  • You want access to the best health care available.
  • You want to have the means to commit resources to help you.


The healthcare insurance reimburses you for health costs not covered by government plans (dental care, vision care, etc.).

It meets your needs if

  • You do not have group insurance.
  • You are self-employed.
  • Insurance to cover a loan

If illness, disability or death unexpectantly happens, you might not be able to fulfill the payments of your mortgage or other debt. It is, therefore, important to protect from this risk by settling the payments or the balance of the loan for you.

We work for you with banks and insurance companies to find you the best deal on the market.