Solutions for your industry

Your insurance needs are as unique as your business. Whether you're in manufacturing, hospitality, retail, or any other industry, we have the right solutions to help protect your business.

Coverage for your business

From startups to family-owned businesses and Fortune 500 corporations, our coverages can help protect your people, property, and reputation no matter your size. Review coverages.

Trucking and warehousing

Your shipment is not your only protectable asset. You must also protect your fleet of vehicles and the goods therein both before, during and after shipment. This is where insurance comes in.

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As a contractor, you have plenty of responsibilities to cope with. From small sites to big projects, we have customized coverage for you.

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Special events

Are you hosting a single/multi day event, a wedding or a sporting event requiring insurance coverage? Find out what solutions are available for your next event.

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Media and entertainment

One size does not fit all. Whether it is a film production or live event, the range of activities, techniques, personnel, and equipment vary and, therefore, require different insurance solutions.

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Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers

Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers face many unique risks and we understand our clients need competitively priced programs.

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Small or medium sized business

Operating a small or medium sized business is challenging in these uncertain economic times, a financial loss can be a serious threat. Find out how we can help you mitigate your risk.

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Technology and communications

Are you a software developer? From entry level technology companies to the most sophisticated state of the art technology, we help software and IT services companies tackle risk challenges and manage these risks.

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Real estate residential or commercial landlords

At LMBF Insurance we can provide a comprehensive real estate insurance and risk management program tailored to cover your portfolio and protect your bottom line.

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Property managers

If you manage any property, then you need the right coverage to guarantee that you are properly covered against a wide variety of allegations, claims and damages.

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Risk management

Risk management involves taking steps to minimize the likelihood of things going wrong. Find out how LMBF can help.

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Importers and exporters

All business transactions come with risks and when those risks involve dealing with companies overseas, the value and importance of appropriate insurance policies becomes even more important.

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Professional services business

As a professional, your insurance needs are unique. Your business is subject to multiple threats on a daily basis and this is why you need the right coverage.

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As a jeweler, you know the meaning of "precious"! Your store and all its contents are more than precious. Be prepared for the unexpected.

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File your claim

We understand that a claim is never pleasant. At LMBF, we guarantee a simple and reassuring claim process.

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