LMBF is a specialist when it comes to providing a broad range of coverages designed for all types of businesses in the jewellery industry. Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, wholesaler, appraiser, designer, or bench jeweller, we have a policy for you backed by knowledge and expertise you can trust. We work hard to protect you, your inventory, and your business.

Our core insurance coverages are the building blocks to protect your business.

Jewelers block

Provides coverage for jewellery stock; related inventory, findings, raw materials and parts for manufacturing and repair; customers property; and property of others in the jewellery business.

Businessowners policy

Affords coverage for property (other than jewellery stock) and business liability.

Jewelers package

Combines Jewelers Block with the Businessowners Policy to avoid coverage gaps and overlaps, and to provide the cost savings and convenience of one bill and renewal.

Jewelers insurance policy (excluding theft)

If you are looking for a minimum coverage mainly to answer your landlord lease requirements and have very limited exposure for your jewellery property, this option could be cost effective.

Our goal is to provide you with insurance that is affordable, stable, and dependable. Our insurer prices its insurance products to pay claims and business expenses, and in a way to assure our long-term ability to meet your insurance needs.