At LMBF, we believe it is important to be transparent in the claims evaluation process. Below you will find the process of claims, the different steps and how filing a claim works.

Reporting your claim

It only takes 10-15 minutes to file your claim. All that is needed is the approximate date of the incident and basic details of what happened. This simply starts the process and you will be contacted if more information is required.

Claim analysis

After the claim has been reported, an adjustor will contact you for more detailed information. He or she will go through your policy to determine what is covered, verify any applicable deductibles and determine any initial amount of the damages.

Assessing and repairing the damage

Once the claim has been analyzed, the adjustor will go on site, hire appraisers and experts to determine the exact extent of your damages and provide you with a list of recommended partners for the work. You are free to choose the contractor of your choice - who may be from the list of recommended partners or an external choice, at your discretion.

Issuing the payment

Once the repairs are done and stolen or damaged items replaced, your adjustor will contact you regarding the settlement of your claim and payment. The amount of time to receive payment usually depends on the complexity of the file.